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Nachum Loss takes a full body, holistic approach to treating pain symptoms. Read what others have to say about his care at Holistic Manual Physical Therapy.

My Holistic Approach for Treatment, by Nachum Loss

It seems that in the U.S. when a patient is complaining of symptoms in some part of the body, be it the foot, knee, shoulder, face, jaw, elbow, etc., the therapist will focus on the pain site and will not look elsewhere.

The latter is true especially in a situation in which the patient only feels or wants the therapist to look at the pain site.

We know that the neck can radiate pain to the upper extremity, that a heart problem can cause upper thoracic pain and radiate pain to the upper extremity, and so on.

Even though we know about the possible peripheralization of the symptoms, many therapists lack the Telefocus observation, the total body approach (the holistic approach), the emotional, spiritual and psychological manifestation and the effect that they have on the patient’s signs and symptoms.

In my approach, which was formulated over the years by the Maitland approach and the Osteopathic approach among others, I have established simple principles for my practice:

  • Health comes with movement, especially fluid, musculoskeletal movement as well as all other organs and tissue.
  • The body has its own ability to heal (we can only promote that function).
  • There are so many levels of communication between tissues (organs, nerve, muscles, bone ligaments, fluid, etc.), it is my belief that many levels of communication are not clear to us (health care providers).

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It was proven by Dr. Robert B. Salter, M.D., through his research that with movement, the healing of ligaments, muscles, bone, etc., is faster than immobility and leads to better end results.